Thursday, November 21, 2013

Give Thanks...

November is a great month for reminding ourselves to be more thankful of the blessings in our life right? And even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Australia, I find that it's still such a fabulous reminder to take the time and get a little bit of perspective on some of the things we might otherwise take for granted.

My eldest daughter is 7 and is at a stage where she really loves to write things down. She writes little stories, and lists of things she wants to remember, and letters to her grandparents, it goes on and on. As many of the other DT members have been sharing their gratitude albums this month it's inspired me to decorate a version of the same idea for my daughter to fill in.

I used the ever-delightful October Papercrafting Kit with it's warm colour scheme to build up lots of layers on the front cover. It might look a little complicated but in reality it's all quick and no-fuss because all the tags and embellishments were included in the kit and I've literally just stuck them on top of one another with foam tape!!

The inside is filled with blank pages which prompt her to think about what she's feeling and to list a few things she's thankful for. She's already filled out a handful of the pages, and trust me when I say she's not always feeling 'fine'! But I had to laugh when I read this one right at the beginning of the book. The writing is a little hard to read, so let me translate it for you! It says "I am thankful for my whole family, my washing machine and food and water. I am also thankful for clothes. Also money. Don't forget houses! I am also thankful for toys. I just adore them!"

Not a bad effort for a 7 year old hey? What are you grateful for?

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