Monday, November 4, 2013

November project kit - thankful

Before I dive into my planning for documenting my December {I just had to toss that in since the album kits and projects are everywhere}, I wanted to spend some time thinking about the things that I'm thankful for.

As I pulled together items for the November project kit, I thought about my favorite colors of autumn - yellow, orange, red, blues for the sky and just a little pop of pink.

Probably the biggest thing that I'm thankful for is our family. We had to opportunity to have our photos taken by former design team member Megan Klauer this summer, so I've included a quite a few of those in this little album. You can definitely customize the album to document the things that you're thankful for!

The kit also features exclusive printable journaling cards and and elements that I sketched and watercolored.

I'm thankful for brothers who are also best friends. Even though they fight!

I'm so thankful that we can be silly together. As a homeschool mom, a lot of my time with our boys is spent in a disciplined, structured atmosphere. I love that we can still take moments and be silly together.

Who isn't thankful for ice cream. And moments to celebrate accomplishments.

Moments together.

Thankful for a partner in life who is also a friend and awesome dad to our boys.

And I love this photo highlighting the chalkboard style flair buttons in the kit - they're hard to get a good photo of when they're together with the lighter elements on the pages:

Happy Monday! I hope this inspires you to journal the things that you're grateful for and to stop by and check out the November project kit! ^_^

~ Leah
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