Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Digi Sale and Chantalle's First Digi Page!

Chantalle McDaniel is one of our new JBS Digital Creative Team members.  Chantalle normally scrapbooks in a hybrid fashion, using digital product along with her traditional product to make a tangible page.  You can imagine how shocked I was to hear that the layout below was her FIRST try at a 100% digital layout!

Chantalle used a bunch of JBS Digital Products including items from the 2 kits on sale today:

JBS-County Fair (just $1 today)

JBS-Homespun Collection (50% off today)

Just beautiful Chantalle!  And to top it off, she's giving us a "How-To" on making Faux Enamel Stars and a Textured Doily with these simple techniques in Photoshop.  Take it away Chantalle!


1. To create your star, open the star file in the ‘County Fair’ kit. Drag it into your layout file or create your enamel star in a new document

2. Colour your star by sampling a colour of your choice. Make sure to lock the star layer to colour just the item, not the entire layer

3. Now we are going to give the star some dimension and a drop shadow. Go to your ‘layer’ menu and select layer style > bevel and emboss. We are going to be using the ‘drop shadow’ and ‘satin’ options

4. One can play around with the settings to suit your individual preference, but these are the settings I have used for the satin effect.

Adjust the Contour menu and select ‘ring’ option

5. Now your star should have a nice glossy depth. Next, give it a drop shadow of your choosing in the ‘drop shadow’ menu option in the layer style palette.


The doily is set up in a very similar way

1. Open the doily file in the ‘County Fair’ kit

2. Colour your file as before, remembering to lock the doily layer so as not to colour the whole layer

3. Going back in to our layer style menu, this time we are going to use the ‘drop shadow’, ‘bevel and emboss’ and ‘texture’ options. These are the settings I have used to give my doily a bit of dimension using ‘bevel and emboss’ options.

In the shading are, adjust the gloss contour settings to ‘rolling slope descending’

4. Still in the layer style menu, now we are going to give our doily some texture. I have used ‘wrinkles 128x128, but you can use any one you prefer.

5. The final step to our doily is going into the ‘Filter’ menu at the top of your screen and in the filter gallery

6. Scrolling down to ’texture’ let’s give our doily a ‘craquelure’  effect. These are my settings:

7. And that’s it, a lovely doily for your page!

Isn't this inspiring!  A first time digital girl and already exploring what her computer can do!  Thank you so much Chantalle!

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