Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holiday Mini-album by Doris Sander

Today's mini-album installment is brought to you by Doris Sander.  Be sure to check Write Click Scrapbook today for more mini-album inspiration!

For 2014, I chose "holiday" as a guiding word and decided that I wanted to make a mini-album to help keep me on track celebrating all year.  Each month I add the following pages to my mini-album:

  1. Intro page with transparency overlay
  2. Birthday Calendar
  3. Favorite Quotes Page
  4. Recipe Page
  5. Pages on holidays and events from the month
  6. A page document current favorites and happenings of my son and me

Behind the transparency of this month's intro page, I wrote a few notes on what I love about March.-

Here is the birthday calendar and quotes page.  Since March is my birthday month, I chose quotes that reflect my personality.

This spread has the recipe page and St. Patrick's Day collage.  This month I'm documenting some of my favorite recipes from mom mom's collection.  So far, I've only gotten one done.  The tabs can be pulled out to reveal the recipes.

Here are March birthdays and a haiku dedicated to the first day of spring.  March is a big birthday month in my family!  My two older sisters share the same birthday, I was born on my cousin's first birthday, and now two of my littlest nieces (sisters) have March birthdays.  Hooray for March birthdays!

And, finally, a page about my son and me.  The tags can be pulled out and have notes on things my son and i have been doing and enjoying this month.

This has been my favorite scrappy project ever!  I love it so much and would highly recommend it!  If you would like to see the rest of this mini-album, you can find it HERE.

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  1. OH I love this Doris...What fun! I can't wait to see how it all looks at the end of the year. And I love how you are putting the simple everyday things in life in here. And I love the this and that about it all. I love books like this. So much fun to go back and look at again and again. I think your son will love this one for years to come as well....Great job and thanks for sharing wonderful inspiration!!

  2. Just noticed the Neutral Milk Hotel lyrics on this and love love love that you included them to. I always knew you were awesome. ;)