Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Mercantile Papercrafting Kit : Wood Grain Mask and Stamp

How I LOVE the April Papercrafting Kit.  Full of beautiful colors, sweet rain drops, and lots of prettiness.

I'd like to share a favorite technique that I used on my first layout with the kit.

The wood grain paper in the kit has beautiful grain lines in it.  I wanted to use this patterned paper and exclusive stamp to create a realistic and rustic look.

Here's how I did it with what I call: Wood Grain Mask and Stamp!

1.  Grab your wood grain paper and sticky notes.  Cut along the sticky part of the note to approximate the grain lines in the paper and stick the paper to the grain.  There is no need to be perfect here or measure.  You just need an approximate mask.

2.  After masking off enough grain as necessary, stamp your image onto the wood grain pattern.

3.  Gently remove the sticky note masks to reveal your image.

4.  The end result is a realistic and rustic stamped image on your wood grain paper.

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