Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Product Focus : JBS Rub-Ons and Your Pocket Pages

I am using the pocket page format for my son's college baseball album.  I'm finding it an easy way to store the photos I know he'll want to see years from now, record stats and records, and store memorabilia.

I've found that the new Jenni Bowlin Studio Pennants Rub-Ons, Labeled Rub-Ons, and other JBS gold Rub-Ons work extremely well with this format.

I want to keep the format similar and simple throughout the entire book.  This is the only way I'll finish by the time he graduates next year!  The gold is such a fun neutral and goes with anything, including the blues and whites of his baseball uniform.  The gold will certainly match with any other school and uniform color, too.

The new JBS Wood Veneer buttons add another neutral touch with dimension.  I painted them with a clear glitter paint and added matching embroidery thread.  

The pockets are either white cardstock with Spice Tin splatters - or blue with splattered white paint and die-cut titles.

I just love the cohesive look when you keep with certain color schemes and embellishments on each pocket: a hint I learned from Doris!

Another great way to use your JBS Rub-Ons is to rub them directly onto the top of the plastic pocket page.  The enlarged photo above was from a photographer and I wanted to preserve it as is, so I rubbed a Pennant Rub-On and a piece of the Tiny Trims Revised onto the top of a plastic 6x8 pocket.  JBS Rub-Ons are of GREAT quality and transfer to paper like buttah and to transfer them onto a slick plastic surface, you just need to rub twice!

I am thrilled with this format and using Jenni's Rub-Ons to embellishment my pockets!  I think my son will be too!

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  1. Wonder pages Betsy...love how you used the rub-ons directly on the picture, but not...Love that!

  2. Love your bold die cuts and those rub-ons look fab!