Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sprinkle on the Mess

Sometimes, I like to get my hands messy while I work. When I am short on time I find it's a little easier to sprinkle on the mess. Sequins are such an easy way to add a carefree feel to your layout while adding a little bit of sparkle.

Sprinkling a little sparkly mess isn't hard at all. People often ask how it's best to scatter on a few sequins.The key is to not over think it. Pinch a small amount in your fingers and literally sprinkle them over the page. Remove any strays that appear out of place. Let some of them overlap one another. If there is a clump, remove it and try again with less sequins. Once everything looks right to me, I use a liquid glue such as glossy accents to glue each sequin down. It sounds a bit time consuming, but it really isn't. 

Have you sprinkled on a mess recently? Share it with is in the JBS Mercantile Gallery.

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