Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christmas in July

Our sale goods at Snap Click Supply Company today are a collection of digital Christmas goods.  Yes, it is officially Christmas in July.  Personally, I need to think cold thoughts here as our heat and humidity are hitting high levels today.

Chantalle McDaniel has created the most lovely Christmas flip book using some of our kits on display.  I'll let her describe it for you.

Read all the way to see her short video of the entire book!

Festive Countdown Notes

During the festive season, my diary is jam-packed. So many little things to remember, the Postit notes start to pile up!

I have created this flip style note pad for when the days get busier.

Using the ‘Countdown Stars’ as a guide, I have created an additional number 25 and used my Epiphany round tool to create a charm.

The title was cut on my Silhouette Cameo. I have used ‘Season’s Greetings’ from the Vintage Christmas Words kit.

• Inside, there are 24 note pages. I created them by setting up 9 boxes across an A4 page in a word processing programme (I use Indesign). I have then filled each box with a different patterned paper from the 'Vintage Christmas’ and 'Vintage Christmas 2’ kits. Create another 2 pages and fill those boxes with patterned paper too. Some had to be repeated, but you can have fun with the sizes of the prints so they look different.

• Create a white overlay over the top so you can see your writing.

• Once you are happy with your set up, simply print and trim the cards up! Punch a few holes at the top and pop a couple of album rings in.

• You can keep the notebook as is, or you can create a simple stand by folding a strip of sturdy card into a triangular shape. Make sure to punch some holes at the top of the stand too, so your notes attach via the album rings.

The inside pages have been simply embellished with Advent Stars from the Vintage Christmas 2 Kit (printed at diameter of 25mm across and punched) and my favourite Gold Rubon Stars.



JBS Vintage Christmas words
JBS Vintage Christmas
JBS Vintage Christmas 2


JBS Gold Star Rub-ons

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