Friday, July 11, 2014

Stamps and Frames (and Zombie Glasses)

Everyone should have someone who makes him or her laugh on a regular basis. My someone is my zany husband, who recently donned a pair of zombie glasses and casually called to me. As I turned to face him, I was initially shocked, and then I burst out in laughter, reaching for my camera. The July JBS Mercantile kits helped me to document the moment for posterity. 
The slide frames from the Antiquarian kit serve as little homes for accents as well as the monogram title of the layout. I love the metallic sheen from the Gold Star Tomatoes label. 
The journaling, which talks about my husband's gift for silliness, is written on a tag and tucked behind the ledger paper.
I used one of the exclusive stamps from the Papercrafting kit to add some color and whimsy to the page.
The circle, stamped repeatedly, forms a border at the top and bottom of the page. I filled in the circles with blue and yellow ink daubers. 

I used the square stamp on another project this month, once again stamping repeatedly and filling the centers with color. 
This time I used watercolors in varying hues. I painted red, yellow, and blue circles to match the colors in the photos, and then mixed the blue and red watercolor paint to create purple, which I added last. 
I didn't expect to get so much mileage out of these stamps, and I'm not even done creating with them yet! 

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