Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guest Star: Jo-Anne Te Raa

My name is Jo-Anne and I live in Holland! I love all the tags in this month's kit and it inspired me to make an altered book. I thought a lot over the last few months about some of the memories I have that are so so simple but easily forgotten, never written down and lost. Like travelling on the red double decker bus each week with my nana or walking with my doll's pram whilst a bottle of bitter lemon rolled backwards and forwards in my basket. I can still hear that sound so clearly. So this is my book of tales, a book of simple memories and funny stories that I can add to when ever the fancy takes! Thank you Jenni for the tags this month!!!

And thank YOU Jo for sharing your delightful stories and charming book with us. :)

You can see more of Jo's work HERE.

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  1. I love it!! I have always wanted to sew onto my embellishments - I just don't have a sewing machine. Plus, I always have issues with the bobbins.