Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School: Recess

We have been learning a lot so far this month and I think it is time for a little playtime, a little rest, a little bit of space to run and jump and be free. A little bit of recess.

Sadly, recess seems like a lost art at so many schools. There is so much time devoted to academics that kids and teachers do not get a chance to breathe in a little fresh air and stretch their legs. I am so thankful that my girls still get this 30 minutes of free time each day, but I know plenty of kids who live nearby that do not. Sad. I remember as a kid in school having a HUGE field and playground with swings and slides and teeter totters. Do you remember those?? My girls do not even know what a teeter totter is! LOL.

I really believe in free time to play and be a kid, whether you are a kid or not doesn't matter. Acting like one every now and then really helps us stay young, don't you think?


My girl got my love of play time. We see a playground and it becomes a NEED to visit it!


She runs.


She flies.


She plays. And life is good.

Class is in session all this month on the Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration Blog, as we head back to school! We are focusing on all things school this month so check back often!
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  1. love how you used the flash cards~beautiful work:)

  2. We all need to play and we don't have to be kids to do so. We scrappers play with ink, paper and scissors all the time, don't we? :) My daughter would get along with yours like peas in a pod! Great "flight" in your layout!

  3. I agree 100% recess is needed each day during school and many school has cut recess to only 15 or 20 minutes!
    Your LO is amazing just love all thr paint you added and love the collage of pictures!