Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School : Science

Today, we are having a science lesson.  Science is everywhere around us: in the sky, land, and water.  It's how we cook, and how we eat.  It's the critters around us and the habitats they live in. You can't escape science!  

One of my biggest joys of being a mother was exploring science with my children.  This became a huge part of our lives.  If this is a part of your life too, why not document these explorations and discoveries in your scrapbooks?

My niece taught me an adorable science fact while on vacation this year.  She had learned on a school field trip, that if you hum to a snail, it will come out of its shell.  So there she was, on the edge of the ocean, collecting snails, and humming to them.

I captured this moment in photographs and on this digital page.

Jenni Bowlin Studio Digital Paper: Soda Water Paper, Baby Of Mine, Beach Party (free collaborative kit)
Jenni Bowlin Studio Digital: Mercantile Labels, Rhinestone Buttons and Bows
Pugly Pixel Ribbon
Amanda Thorderson flowers
fonts: American Typewriter, WC Rhesus, Mom's Typewriter

So ... is it true?  If you hum to a snail, will it come out of its shell?  Dear niece shows you in this video:

I'll have another science post this month with a way to save those empty snail shells you find!  Come back to the blog this entire month as we bring more "Back to School" posts.

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  1. Really neat page...and that is so neat to know that humming to a snail will bring it out of it's shell...much like people. How cool is that? We are going to Cocoa Beach in a few weeks and we are SO going to find some snails to hummmm to. I can hardly wait!!

  2. This is such a great idea for a "science" page! I didn't know science could be so adorable ;)

  3. I am a science geek and had no idea that would work! What an awesome layout! We will be the crazies at the beach humming to snails this weekend ;)