Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today's Lesson: Why Do We Study History?

Today's post is a letter to my son written in answer to his question last week, "Why do we have to study history anyway?"  I presented my journaling in the form of an exam essay question and answer.

Journaling - I would tell you child of mine that we study history to understand where we've been and where we are going.  We study history to understand how the world has shaped us and how we shape the world.  We study history to know our place in the world at this moment in time and how we can make it a better place now and for future generations.  We study history to remember the pain we have inflicted on others in the name of progress and we study history to be inspired to greatness by those who have made a difference here on earth.  We study history because by understanding the story of our past we can write a better future.

Symbolism plays a big part in my design process.  I used no photos on this layout.  Instead, I chose three cards from Jenni's new Silhouette Decks (available in this month's Papercrafting Kit) to represent key ideas in my essay.  I also deliberately sliced my homespun heart in two and then sewed it back together with a zigzag stitched.  There is much sadness in the pages of our history books, but there is also much joy in the fact that hearts can be mended and life goes on.  With this idea in mind, I included 9.11 and the dove of peace.  While I didn't directly refer to this historical event, those numbers too have become very symbolic to us.

Class is in session all this month on the Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration Blog, as we head back to school!   From literature to art history to mathematics and science, each post this month will focus on using favorite subjects as inspiration for projects. Won't you come join our class discussions in our little one room schoolhouse?
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  1. This is gorgeous Doris. so meaningful especially for today ...

  2. This is wonderful Doris, you are very talented with your journaling. I loved reading it. And using the cards to illustrate the ideas of your journaling is brilliant!

  3. Off Topic Question: Can you use a cropodile to punch holes through the Jenni Bowlin Chalk board easel? (I want to add some jump rings at the top to make a mini-flip album). Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful, heartfelt layout!!!

  5. Ooh, this is most excellent! GORGEOUS handwriting.

  6. This is just amazing. Love that even without a photo this layout is so meaningful (and beautiful)!!