Monday, April 20, 2009

April Questions Answered . . .

Niella asked: I'd love to know what cardstock Keisha loves to use:-) And what inspired her colour combinations in her gallery?

Keisha answered: For the Kit projects I used the cardstock that was included in the kit...except for the 8x11 lo-I used some white Bazzill. I really love Bazzill, especially the 'orange peel' texture. I have tons of 'orange peel' Bazzill . I also love the swiss dot, washboard, and smooth!

I took the color schemes from the kit. I love the brightness & fun papers. I don't use orange very much, so it was a nice change for me. It worked so nicely with the turquoise/teal papers in the kit.Judy asked: How does Michelle get those curly edges? I can't seem to get them to look like hers.

Michelle answered: If you are talking of the curling edges of the paper, I am a BIG fan of distressing and will use any tool imagineable to get my paper and and embellishments to look 'worn'. One of my favorite tools to use is the Basic Grey Presicion File set. It has numerous sizes of files to distress small and large areas. Another favorite tool of mine to use has absolutely nothing to do with anything scrapbook related. I use a serrated steak knife. I know a little uncoventional but it gives me the best results of distressing. I run the serrraed side along the edges of the paper and then use my fingernail to turn up the edges that have been distressed. It does take a lot of practice and and lot of trial and error, but I don't know now if I could scrap without my steak knife ;-)

Judy also asked: Also, Doris sewed a lot and I wondered if she goes through all layers (cardstock and patterned paper). I am just now pulling out my old Singer to keep up with you all.

Doris answered: I do indeed sew through all the paper layers; sometimes I even sew through chipboard or foam. I try to remember to go slowly and use wide stitches when sewing through thicker elements. The most important sewing lesson I have learned (the hard way) is the sewing machine does NOT like to sew through adhesive. Try to adhere elements where you will NOT be stitching.
Annonymous asked: how does one become a guest designer? who chooses the things to go into a kit?

The answer: Jenni and the design team are always on the lookout in magazines and online galleries for inspiring designers to help showcase the kits each month. Jenni herself hand-selects the kit pieces each month and usually starts her search with an inspiring color scheme such as the lovely orange and teal with a hint of green that she brought to you this month.

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  1. Thanks so much for your help Doris and Michelle.I can't wait to use my steak knife and also start sewing up a storm.

  2. Thanks Keisha for answering my Q's! Now I know a bit inside your brillant creative mind!! I'm so chuffed:-) Thanks again!