Friday, April 9, 2010

Goals Notebook by Becky Novacek

I'm crazy about notebooks. I have little notebooks all over my house-on my desk, in my studio, by the phone, next to my chair in the family room, in my purse, on my nightstand...because a person always needs a place to write things. At least I do. I have a super simple little notebook project for you today. Anyone can make one. Simply take a JBS Mini Book with Pinked Edges and then take a pack of JBS mini papers and pick out 4 papers. Trace the pinked edge on each of the four papers and cut out. The beauty of this project is that the papers are just the right size, so you will only have to cut the pinked edge. Then use a good wet adhesive to adhere the papers to the front and back sides of the chipboard cover of your mini-book. Embellish the front cover and you are done!

To embellish, I simply handcut my title letters and glued them to the front of the mini. I traced around the letters for more definition and machine stitched across. I added a little vintage book page phrase and stitched that down too. You can find the sweet little button HERE. Then, I used my beloved colored pencils to color in the little bird scene.

I've been wanting to get a little notebook together to keep my goals for home improvements in and this will work perfectly. I kept the embellishments simple, so that when I throw this mini-book in my purse it won't get ruined. It would have been fun to add some JBS embellished butterflies. I plan to make more of these and will probably do more embellishments for the ones that will sit on my desk or elsewhere in my home. The really cool thing about this project, is that the mini-chipboard journals are under $3! I think these would make great little gifts for party favors.
Thanks for the inspiration Becky!
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  1. Beautiful! I love how Becky colored in the image on the paper on the front - I would have never thought to do that! I have a list like this in a journal, I might have to whip up a little JBS mini for myself. Awesome.

  2. This is a darling book. Is the bird scene on the cover of the book a rubber stamp or is it part of the paper?

  3. Thanks ladies! The bird scene is part of the paper-I just used my colored pencils to add a little soft color.

  4. Love this! Did you free-hand draw the letters or use some kind of stencil. That "g" looks a lot like chipboard from KI some time back? Very cute book. TFS

  5. Thanks! I did free-hand the letters :)