Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Good Day from Becky Novacek

This layout was so amazing in my mind. But there are times when an idea doesn't translate the way you think it will! Especially when a sewing machine (and me) is involved in the process. My sewing machine decided to mess up as I carefully placed my layout in it's path. So sad. However, I couldn't bear to start over completely, so I decided to work with what I had. It turns out that with my love of all things well loved and worn, even a messed up sewing machine didn't stop me from making this layout work! I simply took the original titlework letters off, topped the messy stitching with string and handcut new letters.

My original idea was to share how much I love to mix and match bits and pieces of pattern paper and embellishments that weren't necessarily meant to be used together. That still applies, but I think the lesson in this process for me had much more to do with making even what appears to be a big mistake into something that you end up liking. I dare you to take a layout that normally would have ended up in the trash into something you like!
Sweetness! Thanks for the inspiration Becky!
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