Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Modeling with Dina Wakley!

You're going to LOVE this one! We'll just let Dina speak for herself here. :)

P.S. The July Papercrafting Kit containing this butterfly stencil is currently sold out. There is a slight possibility of a return on one or two. If you are interested in getting on a waiting list for it, you can contact us HERE.
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  1. oh goodness.... this is awesome!! I just shared it with my 16 year old daughter, and told her we NEED modeling paste ASAP. Thanks so much for this, Dina....your art is fabulous as always. I can't wait to try this out!!

  2. I've done this in the past on a layout, but completely forgot about it! LOVE how your butterflies turned out, Dina!!

  3. This is fabulous Dina. Thanks so much for sharing your technique and lots of helpful hints and tips along the way. What a beautiful page :-)

  4. Many a time have I longed to be a fly on the wall in your studio. My day has come! :) Thanks for the amazing tutorial.

  5. that is soooooo cool...
    thanks for sharing...

  6. Awesome video technique! I love this and hope to see more like it in the future :-)

  7. Hi,
    I adore this layout, such beautiful colors. What a great technique!! I've been trying to get in contact, but couldn't find an e-mail address, so I'll try it this way. During the month of septembre I will be guestblogging on the Dutch inspiration blog 'deze is ook leuk' http://creatiefblogvandeweek.blogspot.com/
    I would love to inform our readers about this tutorial and link back to it using a photo or this video. So I'm kindly asking your permission to do so!
    Hope to hear back from you!

    Kind regards,