Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cards by Shimelle

There is still plenty of time to make some Christmas cards - or so I'm telling myself as I haven't made nearly enough yet! But good news: today you can make three cards in a flash, with your JBS stash!

Gather a mix of materials: I used the accessory and mini paper sheets from the Vintage Holidays collection, plus label stickers, buttons, star stickers and doily flowers. (I started with the big bingo cards too but didn't use them in the end.) You'll also need some card blanks.

You may also want some numbers or letters at the end. I just used numbers and mixed and matched various sizes and colours.

Start by selecting one 4x4 mini pattern and one large accent card for each card you will make. I inked all the edges with brown ink.

Arrange the paper and accent card side by side to create a landscape card and adhere to the background. You may want to trim a bit from the sides of the card so it will still fit in the envelope after more bulky layers are added.

Then assemble a group of small embellishments for each card. I cut the Season's Greetings sentiment from a border on the accessory sheet, then added a rectangle and circle label, a doily and a button to start, but this design will work with any collection of small embellishments you have to hand.

All those little things get layered onto a plain tag to dress up the card. I covered each tag with a layer of green tulle netting to soften the look, or you could add ribbon or fabric scraps. Then layer the embellishments, scraps of paper and number stickers until you're happy with the amount of embellishment and adhere the tag to the background when everything is secure.

By the placement of the embellishments, choice of papers and the mix of stickers, each card will look unique, but they all come together quickly by following the same process. For this day on the calendar, I think that's a win!

Have a very merry Christmas!

Love and glitter,

PS: If you're feeling extra-Christmassy (or wish you were!) it's never too late to join me for some Christmas scrapbooking with Journal your Christmas!
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  1. Oh! This is a doer and a keeper. Just the inspiration I need to move fwd.
    Thanks. Happy Holidays!

  2. I think you may have saved my day. Been fiddling around for hours trying to make some cards. These will be great, thanks.