Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scrap Vintage: Legacy

That which we consider vintage now was once considered new. It didn't always have a history, but now it does, and that is exactly why I love incorporating vintage items on my layouts. These treasures --  ticket stubs, jewelry, fabric, ribbons, ledger pages -- tell stories alongside my own stories, the past mingling with a present that is bound to become the past someday.  It seems only fitting, then, to create layouts featuring a mix of old and new. 
The watch in the photo has been passed down to the eldest male in my husband's family for generations.  Following the death of his uncle, my husband became the bearer of this legacy. When he holds this watch in his hands, he touches what the hands of his great-great-grandfather held. 

Just as this timepiece bridges generations, so do the items on this page serve as bridges across time.  
The JBS "Receipt" perforated paper serves as a base, since the repeated word "received" holds a special meaning, given the layout's topic. Under the die-cut numerals (which remind me not only of numbers on a clock but also of generations, moving forward) I placed a sheet of vintage ledger paper. 

Another strip of ledger paper runs beneath the photo and title, under which is a pocket (taken from a JBS Naked Chipboard Album) holding the journaling. 
The past is valuable, and the inclusion of vintage items on a layout affirms that.  
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