Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Wouldn't this set of Jenni Bowlin paper lined cookie cutters make a cute gift? I've shown them here in a shirt box lined with red tissue paper. You could give the entire set or break them up or tie them onto a package. One of these would really dress up a plain gift sack for a special touch. You could also use a special photo inside one coupled with a patterned paper cutter as a gift. I'd like to make a few more with black and white pictures of the kids to give to their grandparents.

Jenni's small scale Christmas papers are perfect for this project like the mini red ornaments paper, the small scale green chevron paper, and the mini bingo pieces paper.

I found this tub of cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby which is regularly priced at $8.99 for 25 cutters but I got it at half price - $4.49 for 25 cookie cutters is a pretty sweet deal.

Trace the cookie cutters onto your paper with a pencil, cut them out, then erase the pencil lines. Using a thick, clear glue such as Aleene's Platinum Bond 7800, gently apply it to the back of the cutter. Use a scratch piece of paper to dab the cookie cutter to get off any excess glue then put it on top of the cut out shaped paper. Aleene's 7800 is perfect for this project because it's thick enough to stay on the cookie cutter without running, it's clear, and it's a touch flexible and easy to wipe off the edges of the cutters (before totally dry).

After the paper lined cutters are totally dry, thread a large needle with bakers twine and make the hangers. Insert the needle at the top back of the cutter through the paper, as close as you can get to the metal, ideally at the seam through the clear flexible glue. Tie a knot on the top of the cutter (so it will hang straight and not to the side), leave a about a 2" loop, and tie another knot. I used this awesome chunky bakers's twine from Sundance.

They look so pretty on this old tin top. This made me think these might make cute magnets too.

And of course, here they are on a mini Christmas tree. This would be so cute on my kitchen island!

Wren Accessory Sheet (I used the dots paper from the Magpie Accessory sheet but the Wren Accessory Sheet is similar)
JBS Mercantile November Antiquarian Kit (sold out)

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  1. Wow...these are so cute and they really show off the awesome JBS paper!! I really like the idea of adding photos inside. They look so special on your little red tree!! xo Evie

  2. WOW - so simple yet incredible! I'll have to try this!

  3. VERY VERY cute Brianna... I love these. Off to Hobby Lobby to get me some of these cookie cutters. I am going to add them to my Jenni Tree...cute cute.

  4. oh what a beautiful idea! The silver and the paper look so nice together!

  5. Take a bow, Brianna...your creations are perfect for the holiday. Thx for sharing. One small question--i already have multiple baker's twines from the Twinery...are they smaller than the ones you used for this--sorry can't tell from the picture. Love the red tree!

    1. Hey Craft! Yes, this twine from Sundance is the chunkiest I've ever owned and I have twine from The Twinery, Martha Stewart, Divine Twine. Any twine will work as I'm sure you know but if you are a collector of bakers twine like I am, then you need the Sundance twine in your stash :)

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