Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Betsy's Creative Space

Hello! It's Betsy.  This month I'm showing you my creative space.   My space is at the far end of our sunny family room.   This is the first room people see when they come in through our most used back door.  Because of that, I will close up my furniture pieces when people are coming over and it neatens up quickly that way.

One of my larger pieces is the armoire in the center of the space.  I originally found this piece at an auction when I was pregnant with my first, and used it as a closet for the boys' clothes for years.  As my boys grew, their big body clothes outgrew it and this became my craft armoire.  Dh added shelves and it works so nicely to hold supplies and sets of drawers.

This is the top shelf of the armoire where I store some of my embellishments in glass jars.  I think it looks like a candy store!

These buttons are my grandmother's and are saved for the most special projects.

I use a lot of vintage items to store my stuff!

I have new and old jars holding new fabric embellishments, buttons, glitter, and chandelier crystals.

This is an old apothecary cubbie from our pharmacy.  I found wire containers that fit perfectly into the spaces and I store different embellishments in each.

On the top of an old cabinet in the corner are various glass jars that hold threads, string, and ribbon.

I use a couple of vintage drawers to hold paints, mists, and stencils.

I bought this receipt holder from the Mercantile Flea Market and it holds my most commonly used thread.

Another Mercantile Flea Market find are flower frogs that I use to hold stamps and embellishments as I work on a kit, so they're not lost in the shuffle.

As I work on a kit, I like to keep small embellishments together in this pedestal dish I found at a flea market in Rhode Island.

I love this storage piece and wish I could find more.  The top slides on and off and there are 49 little compartments to store things in.

This tiered piece looks vintage but was really purchased at Michaels! I couldn't resist.

What I love about my space:

It gets a lot of natural light.
My garden is right outside this room.  I can see it when I'm at my desk.
Since it is part of the family room, I've never felt isolated from the rest of the family when crafting.
The wooden furniture can hide the craft stuff pretty well if I need it to.
A lot of the furniture and storage pieces have special meaning to my husband and I.

What I'd like to change about my space:

More lighting for working at night would help!
The Iris Cart next to my work desk holds the items I use the most, but I'd like to find an affordable furniture piece that would do the same job.
The set up can be a little cramped in that corner.  I need to work on opening it up a bit.

Thank you for visiting my space!
Stay tuned as we'll visit another creative space in March!

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  1. so fab betsy! love the apothecary shelf with the added wire baskets!

  2. Such an amazing it!

  3. Love that shelf from the Pharmacy...perfect little baskets to fit in those slots...Love how neat it all is. It looks like you could find anything you need in just a second....Now when you post all those wonderful pages you do I can imagine where they were created...thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to create! Love all your storage ideas!! :) Evie

  5. You are so talented..your room is, Mom

  6. Such a fabulous room Betsy, who wouldn't want to play there??? :)