Monday, February 3, 2014

Something Old, Something New

My husband ranks at the top of my list of loves, so this month, I thought I would revisit my wedding album. We were married in 1997. I started scrapbooking our wedding photos. Started. I never finished. Every so often, I jump back into the project and work on a few of the photos.

What was it that inspired me to jump back into my wedding album layouts this month? The vintage valentine in the Antiquarian Kit.  Each kit comes with a slightly different Valentine. The one I received depicts a brunette girl kissing a blond boy. It just so happens that I am a brunette and my husband is blonde. I remember that I had yet to document our first kiss as a married couple.

I combined some of my left over supplies from the October Papercarfting kit with this month's kit selections. Combining kits from different months is easy to do. Look for common colors or motifs that will work well together. The February kits contain bits of blue which allowed me to work in some of the blue papers from the October Kit. Gold was also common in both kits. 

My biggest challenge wasn't merging the two kits together. My scrapbooking style has changed so much since I began the project many years ago. I opted to keep this layout very simple so that it wouldn't look so odd when compared to other layouts in my wedding album. I could go back and redo some of those older layouts. However, I would rather just keep working onward and concentrate on getting more photos onto pages.

Have you merged any of the JBS Mercantile kits together? We'd love to see! Share them with us over in the gallery.

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  1. Ah Christy! a double pager! and great idea to grab stuff from your older kits! love this!

  2. super cute! I scrapped my wedding photos way back in the beginning too & I just cringe at the 'creative memories'-ness of them but they are DONE.