Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Cards

I have a theory about Valentine's Day and sometimes I think I may be a little "grinchy".  But my thought about Valentine's Day is that it is silly.  I mean, if you only tell those you love that you love them on one day each year, something is really, really wrong!  This is probably one of the reasons my hubby fell for me (just kidding) because I have never wanted him to buy me a gift for Valentine's Day.

But we have kiddos now and although we tell them every day how much we love them, they WANT Valentine cards, and candy and gifts.  I guess it is the kid in them.  I guess I don't blame them.  Candy is pretty awesome.

But being a scrapbooker, I cannot just buy them cards, well, I can and often do because I am not a cardmaker, but not this year!!  Nope, this year I am stuck inside my house because of ice and snow, so I made them Valentine cards.  Thankfully the Jenni Bowlin February kit was on my desk and worked PERFECTLY for this task!

One for each.  I love the colors.  I hope they like them.  Now to try to get to the store for some candy.  Walking may be the safest way!

Happy Valentine's day!

~ Corrie
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