Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Modern Mercantile | Mini Pattern Paper

One of my most favorite items in the newest line is the single sheet of Mini Patterns. There are so many different ways that you can use it! The simplest is to cut them apart separately, but you can also fold them expertly and make a mini book or cut some simple patterns like i did into each 4"x4" square which creates an entirely new piece of layered pattern paper.

The silhouette cameo is perfect for this (but you could also use one of martha's all over the page punches too) as the grid in the software makes it easy to pop your shapes into it so you know exactly where to cut, and exactly how far apart to space your shape, as i did with a simple heart that i created in photoshop and then loaded into my silhouette software as a .png file. 

Then I cut some 4" x 4" papers and added them behind the hearts to create some extra patterns (the ledger paper is from last month's antiquarian kit).

After creating the new background i added a few pictures and some simple embellishments. fast and easy but makes a big impact.

happy cutting!

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  1. Gorgeous layout! Love the negatives!

  2. I'm planning to try your technique too! Thanks for sharing.