Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Canvas by Dina Wakley

My mom recently gave me some photographs of my grandmother that were new to me. There are very few photographs of her, so seeing these "new" photographs has been a wonderful experience. They're all from the late 30s and early 40s, and it is so fun for me to look at the photos and remember my sweet grandmother.

I made this canvas with one of those photographs. It's my grandmother and my mom's two oldest brothers in 1942. To create the canvas, I first applied some molding paste to the corners and let it dry. Then I added some ink and acrylic paint to make the colored background. Jenni's daubers work great as a distress tool--rub the paint into the cracks and crevices for a cool effect. Then I added a JBS chipboard heart (covered with JBS mini paper, of course), and some other little paper accents that I cut from a combination of Jenni's mini and full-size papers. To add contrast against the yellow/orange background, I added some blue paint splatter (blue and orange are opposite on the color wheel, so when you use them together you get high contrast and visual interest).
Thanks for peeking at my sweet grandmother and this little canvas to honor her! Dina
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  1. So neat! Love your work and wish I could achieve that look!

  2. Nice work, Dina. Love the colors!! They are BSU football colors! I have some of my Grandmother's old albums and love tenderly looking through them...very old and falling apart. The heart is perfect for this! Way to go! What size is canvas?
    Thx LenaS

  3. Lena...the canvas is 4x4". :) Thanks for your comments!