Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini-Album Storage

I polled our design team and found a few fun mini-album storage solutions for you. This first one is quite delightful. Michelle and Stephanie both keep their mini-albums in vintage suitcases.

Michelle says, "I have a love for vintage suitcases! I have two different stacks of them in my home and use them for all sorts of storage like fabric, kids crafts, felt, computer parts, and yes, MINI ALBUMS! It's soo easy to just grab the suitcase from the stack, open it up, and let the reminiscing begin."

And here is Stephanie's mini collection in her charming vintage storage.

Lisa and Ranjini both keep theirs in plastic bins for long term storage, but have open storage out and about where their mini-albums can be swapped out and enjoyed as the seasons change. Lisa's wooden fall bin is shown here.

Ranjini says, "I keep mine in a shallow round basket in the great room for both storage and to share with anyone who wants to peek at them. I change them out when they get old and as I add new ones."

Shimelle keeps hers on a shelf she got from the children's section at Ikea. She says, "I keep various mini albums and a couple canvases on top, and it's right behind me when I'm working at my desk."

How about you? Do you have any special mini-album storage solutions you'd like to share with us?

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  1. i love vintage suitcases too and have actually bought 2 from Jenni...I have about 6 or 8 of these and love the idea of using them for displaying my mini albums. I have alot of them on a shelf but love the suitcase idea...I'm going to do this...Thanks for sharing a neat idea.

  2. how cute!!! I remember my mom used to have a suit case VERY similar to the aqua one, what memories! These are so cool and what a TREASURE inside!

  3. With mini albums being my scrapping medium of choice, this post is right on target for me! Love, love, LOVE the suitcase idea! TFS, y'all!

  4. love the suitcases too! Glad i have my g'mothers.

  5. OH! My. Word! I'm hoping to MAKE my first mini soon (as I'm so inspired after this week), and now as I see these, I want to make LOTS, AND LOTS!! And store them some totally cute way like this!! Must find one of those vintage suitcases!!

  6. What great storage/display ideas for these little treasures. I have mine in different places, none of which are handy or pretty. Time to go looking for a fun vintage suitcase for them.