Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Misting

Doris here again with a little more background information on another layout I made for the April JBS Mercantile Gallery. This may be a little TMI, but I get weird ideas sometimes. Like last month I started hoarding empty toilet paper rolls. I couldn't seem to help myself. The Cottonelle rolls were made of such nice sturdy cardstock that I just felt in my soul I could do something interesting with them. It wasn't long until inspiration struck and this page is the result. I used the rolls to make a misted circle background and I'm kinda in love with the look.

It was super easy. I simply held the roll where I wanted a circle to be then misted down the tube. I used the same tube for all my circles, so it got a little damp and started bleeding onto the next circle towards the end. I like the messy look, but if you want a cleaner design I would suggest using different tubes for each color.

I used Spice Tin and Lemon Drops Re-inkers in a Mini Mister. The green is a combination of those two colors. I then misted over everything with a little more Spice Tin.

This was super duper fun! You should try it! I know I'm going to be doing it again soon! :)
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  1. neato! awesome tut, i shall try it when i run out of a roll :) awesome scrap page!

    C :)

  2. I have a tendency to hoard toilet paper rolls too. My husband just can't understand this. I keep thinking I'm going to turn them into napkin rings but I love this technique!

  3. That's a pretty cool technique!!

  4. I love that as scrappers we look at everything with new eyes... I love this technique and will definately give it a go... TFS

  5. Better hoard all the tp rolls you can, they are starting to sell it without the tube so in the future there will be no more. Very cool look.

  6. LOL, love a good repurpose! Great lo!

  7. That's so funny...i've been saving those rolls for yrs...mostly for the elementary school kids to use, but now i can try this. Thanks for the inspiration!