Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We're back for a bonus mini-album post today. Here is installment two of "By the Sea" by yours truly, Doris Sander. If you missed installment one, the cover, you can find it HERE. Mostly all of the materials for this mini are from the DeLovely Kit.

I think the beginning of any successful scrapbooking project is first deciding what you want to say. With this mini I decided that I wanted to document my son's trips to the beach when we visit our family in Florida. We go at least three times a year. How lucky is he that he's already gotten to see the ocean that many times? I began by going through all my photos and grabbing one pic from each beach trip. I am so excited to see this project come together as it will be a beatiful timeline of my son in his growing up years. Other than the introductory sentence on the first page, I'm not planning on journaling. I am happy with just the month and year on each page. I think the photos tell the entire story in this instance. Mini-albums are just like layouts, some need a lot of words and some speak quite well with only images. :)

I'm planning on being back later in the week with installment #3 of "By the Sea." I want to share a few more finished pages and my thoughts on embellishing mini-albums. See you then. :)
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  1. Adorable mini. You are so lucky to get to the beach that many times a year. The pictures just pop off the pages, wonderful!!!

  2. I really like this mini journal. The colors with the pictures are eye catching.

  3. absolutely agree Doris, you don't always need words.

  4. This is so gorgeous!!! And yes, absolutely, photos are enough sometimes. :)

  5. Really loving those bright greens you used! So SPRINGy!