Friday, May 27, 2011

Blue Ribbon Stamp Embroidery

hey everyone, kl here.

yesterday you saw a gorgeous butterfly embroidery by shimelle and today i wanted to show you another embroidery technique, turning the gorgeous blue ribbon stamp, which i embroidered on linen, into a sweet pin that you can include on a gift card. this one is going to my son's kindergarten teacher {who my daughter also had for kinder} as i thought it would be a sweet end of year gift to show her that she's someone that my husband and i believe is one of a kind.

to start i stamped the blue ribbon onto linen that i already had mounted on a mini hoop with a light hue ink so that the stamp won't show through once the embroidery is complete. i used white back-stitches on the ribbons, alternating long stitches around the rosette and then i filled the center of the rosette with french knots. the embroiders guild website has a great stitch diagram for stitching if you are a beginner {here}.

after the stitching was complete i removed the linen from the hoop and trimmed the linen leaving at least .5" of edging around the entire design. then i tucked the linen edging to the back by tacking it with a hot glue gun.

after tacking i added a pin back to the center of a piece of felt and then mounted the embroidered image onto the felt with hot glue. then i trimmed the felt to within .25" of the embroidery with pinking shears.

hopefully our children's kindergarten teacher will know just how much we appreciate her and how lucky we feel to have had her introduce our children to their first year of school with her.

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