Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Training Continues: Hidden Journaling

With all of this Spring Training going on, hopefully you've found your momentum by now and are keeping pace with the daily challenges.  If not, just sprint forward to today's challenge, which is a fun one:  hide your journaling!  Not permanently, of course, but just enough to create a delightful and interactive element on a project (although it is kind of mind-blowing to think of a "secret" message written on the back of a photo, that will never be discovered, but that was put out into the universe nonetheless).

Time for a little hide and seek.  Can you spot the hidden journaling on this page from the May Mercantile gallery?
Yes?  You're good!
No?  Well then, here's a peek:
I tucked my journaling beneath the layers on the page.
The journaling kind of "sprouts" from this layout, adding to the "homegrown" theme at the heart of it.

The spring training continues daily over at Ella Publishing!
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