Monday, May 16, 2011

Heating Up May #1

This week we continue "Putting Our Stamp on May" by "Heating Up May" with a little heat embossing action. Today's post is from Dina Wakley who writes, "I love Jenni's stamping inks (made by the awesome Ranger company). They're juicy and vibrant. When I first got them, I wondered if you could emboss with them. I know, I know, they're dye-based inks. But Rangers makes various dye inks that stay open (i.e. wet) long enough to emboss with.

So, I tried it. I took the JBS Ribbon Stamp and stamped it with Chili Powder and Seed Packet inks onto kraft cardstock. I ran my finger over the ink & thought, "It feels probably won't work." Then I dumped on some clear embossing powder and shook off the excess. And guess what...the powder stuck to the ink perfectly! I applied heat with my heat tool and voila...I had embossed successfully with Jenni's dye-based inks.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but I embossed all the ribbons in the layout by using Jenni's inks and clear powder. I cut them out and they made a fun & easy embellishment for the page. Try it!"

P.S. We'll be continuing another Four Post Monday this afternoon with our NSD Challenge Winners and a brand new challenge!
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