Sunday, May 22, 2011

More "By the Sea" Mini-Album

I'm finally back with installment #3 of my "By the Sea" mini-album from the DeLovely Kit. With this post, I wanted to mention my method for embellishing mini-albums. As I said earlier, I like a really fancy cover, but a simpler interior. Once I decide on my theme then I gather my supplies and get busy creating. I like my pages to flow from one to the next with a sense of continuity between them. To achieve this, I use one set of papers throughout and then choose a couple ideas to repeat on every page. In this album, I have my yellow snowflake seaweed (it's really that color and shape on the beaches where I grew up) and a red dotted flower with a yellow rhinestone center on every page. Other than that, I have changed up the rest of the embellishing by mixing in chipboard bits, buttons, tags, and journaling spots. This method has made mini-album making fun and easy and the finished product really makes sense to me. -doris :)

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  1. this is really beautiful. i love your style.

  2. So beautifully inspiring!

  3. What a fantastic mini album!

  4. Thanks for the info, Doris! It makes so much sense.