Friday, February 17, 2012

Crafting with the Kids!

We had another edition of camp Auntie Betsy this past weekend and the sweetie pies were begging for  crafts as soon as they walked through the door!

We created flower topped wands this time.  This is an easy project, with some good old-fashioned collage that the kids can do almost all by themselves.

1. Gather your supplies:  Chipboard pieces for the top of the wand and patterned paper.  We used 2 JBS Chipboard Flowers for each wand.

2.  Rip your patterned paper into small pieces.

3.  Cover one side of the chipboard pieces with Mod Podge and place your paper pieces on top of the chipboard.  Here's where you tell the kids "It's OK to go over the lines!"

4.  When the chipboard is covered with paper, Mod Podge over the top of it.

5.  This is the adult part:  When dry, flip the chipboard over and cut away the excess.

6.  For the center of the flower, we punched a scallop flower from chipboard and patterned paper.  We glued them together and then glued the two to the flower.

7.  At this point the sweetie pies yell "WHAT ABOUT THE GLITTER?!"  And this Auntie who only uses glitter under controlled conditions did some quick thinking.  I mixed some of my favorite glitter from Meyer Imports with Mod Podge and let the girls brush it on.  This definitely helped keep the glitter from flying around the house!

8.  The flower center still wanted more bling, so I brought out my embellies and the girls went wild picking what they wanted.  Little sweeties were so proud of themselves when they discovered that a Jenni Bowlin Rhinestone Button or shiny jewel can fit nicely inside a Vintage Sew-On Button.

9.  It's great to have your sweetie pies sleep over night, because the next part needs to set for a while.  I glued both chipboard flowers, wrong sides together, to a simple craft stick.  I used Zip Dry and let it set overnight with a book resting on it.

And as serendipity would have it, we found and read this bedtime story:

... a story about two witches who used their wands for magic in very different ways!

10.   The next morning, the ribbons came out and sweetie pies loved pulling out their favorites and tying them on!

JBS Chipboard Flowers
JBS Mini Patterned Papers
JBS Vintage Sew-On Buttons
JBS Rhinestone Buttons
Meyer Imports Glitter
Miscellaneous Ribbons
long craft stick

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  1. really, really awesome project, besty! so fun!!!

  2. This is a really great idea, Betsy! They look like they had so much fun - my girl would love this too - we'll have to try it!

  3. What a cute project! "Alice and Greta" is one of our favorites. I totally believe in the Boomerang Principle. :)