Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charmed Flower by Doris Sander

This month on the JBS Inspiration Blog we'll be bringing you fabric creations on Thursdays. Today's offering is these cute flowers. I'm sure they've been done a gazillion times before, but I think they sure look sweet with the addition of our new JBS Charms in the center. They are super easy and fun to make and are great for using up your scraps. In fact, the only thing new I used was the charms.

Like I said, I used leftover fabric bits. The teeniest tiniest bits in my stash. They were all about one inch wide by 4 to 10 inches long. I didn't have enough of any one print, so I pulled several pieces of the same color but different prints together. This turned out to make quite a cool look. So to get started, first you will need to cut pointy "teeth" along one side of all your strips . . .

Next you will run a simple basting stitch along the straight edge of your fabric. When you pull the fabric tight it will gather. I used some old cotton thread that I acquired from my mother. I think she used to make doillies with it . . .

When you have as much gathered length as you think you will need, tie it off. Leave a length of thread hanging though in case you decide that you need to add more fabric. Now start rolling the fabric onto itself and repeatedly stitching through the base to keep it together . . .

Once you're done, sew a few JBS Charms in the center! Sew Charming! (the double pun is killing me - hee!).

See! A pretty girl deserves a pretty pony tail to wear to her very first UT Lady Vols Basketball game!

P.S. These would also be lovely pinned to your favorite fabric purse!
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  1. Those are super cute!! They may have been done a million times but its the first time I have seen them so thanks for the tutorial!! :)

  2. So cute and love the color! And mix of fabric patterns!

  3. Doris -

    Thank you for the tutorial on this flower. I love it, how sweet looking.

    Elaine Allen

  4. . . . so creative! I really like it a lot!

  5. Ohhh, i almost missed this post. Very cool flowers, thanks, Doris!