Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Washi Tape Simply Put

When I got my package with the tapes in it, I thought I needed to really think outside the box. Do something crafty and creative and as much as I see the coolest of cool things being made and posted, I decided that being tried and true to who I am was what was important here!

If your anything like me, you want to create memorable pages with ease. I am always fascinated with what is created out there and think oh I'll try that and do that. But then I never do. I stick with what I know. Making memorable pages that speak to me without being hard. I like the easiness of scrapping and being creative affords me the ability to do that. 

Without jumping through hoops, I just sat down with the Washi Tapes and created as I always do! I am a sucker for things of color and texture and wished that the tapes were actually papers I could cut up and use. So I thought hey why not be clever and use them just like paper! So here on this layout, I just tore them however I saw fit in whatever length and put them on my background paper. I added paper as well, because I simply am in love with papers and viola! I created a page that popped in color! I love the easiness of the tape but it was the texture and colors that drew me in completely.

Since I created the above layout literally in minutes, I wasn't finished playing with the tape and decided to create another page. I am not a huge alter kinda gal, but I like the look yet wanted easy here again. I got out one of my Jenni Bowlin hearts and thought hey I could just cover it with the tape! It's easy to bend, easy to cut, and the texture reminded me of a heart as well and it became an instant hit! I really dug how the lines were on this particular tape and used that to cover the heart. It was pretty simple! I just cut where needed thus creating a cool fixture to my page!

Because these tapes aren't limited, don't be afraid to go all out, but remember if your like me they work on easy-deasy pages too and still look cute!!

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  1. Here's my layout with Washi tape...Do you love it ?