Monday, April 29, 2013

Using JBS for Project Life

Here's the page I made using JBS for my Project Life album documenting my son's birthday back in November. I used a combination of JBS digital and traditional supplies. 

I used Jenni's little red circle alpha/number stickers to mark each photo so I could reference the journaling on the cards. Instead of each photo having a corresponding card, the journaling flows from card to card so that I was able to get more journaling on the page.

The first card is simply bordered with JBS washi tape. The second and fourth cards are JBS digital and I printed them on brochure paper. The third card is simply a border line of Jenni's washi again. 

I used the 7 hexagon sticker because it was his 7th birthday. I thought the little stamp sticker was a cute, subtle touch. I used a combination of typewritten and handwritten journaling. 

I love the first small pocket! I kept it simple and the clock was the perfect finishing touch on the tag. The "journal" card is another JBS digital card. Finally, I made another washi bordered card to balance across from the other washi card. 

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  1. Briana~you sure have got this project life down. Your pages are so neat. I wish I could get into it like that. Have you got any little tidbit secrets of how to get started?

    1. Thanks, Louise, you are so sweet. I've got more info about my process on my blog if you've got some time to check it out. I guess she short answer is I try to keep the focus on the photos first. I find it easiest to use mostly 4x6 and let the photo take up the entire pocket and throw in a few 3x4 for a little variation. It's really pretty easy, Louise, you'd get in a groove in no time! I think you'd like it. I know you have tons of pics of that cute little grandson!