Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions Album Tutorial with Cheryl Ametewee

ok, so as the first page of my album says, i have never before made a new year's resolution. i have always been a bit of a free spirit...taking things as they come and trying to live my life to the fullest with as few rules as possible. HOWEVER, i am finding out so fast that this lifestyle doesn't always work so well when you are married to a scientist that lives his entire life by the scientific method (state the problem, research the problem, hypothesis the resolution, test the hypothesis...etc, etc, etc...), a mother to a 1 year old and expecting another baby any day now. and to be honest, i'm ready to have a little more organization in my life. so this year i decided to take the plunge and make some resolutions. and i really REALLY plan on keeping them. i didn't make any that are unrealistic and easily given up (like, say, lose 40lbs and never eating nutella again.), and i didn't make so many that i'll never keep track, but i did try to challenge myself. and i plan to keep my album close so that i can read it throughout the year and really try to stick with these things.

and i'd love it if you joined me in making your own little mini-album of new years resolutions! here's how:

JBS 4" Chipboard Mini Book
JBS Tangerine Dream Mini Paper Pack
JBS Die Cut Journaling Cards - Turquoise
JBS Die Cut Journaling Cards - Red
JBS Crepe Paper Ribbon - Turquoise
JBS Journaling Prompts Rubons - Cream
JBS Kindergarten Alpha Rubons - Red
JBS Apothecary Stickers - Brown
JBS Self Adhesive Pearl Flowers - Maraschino
JBS Tickets - Baby Girl
JBS Felt Butterflies
JBS Tickets - Who What Where
OTHER: Ink Pad, Marker & Vintage Buttons

-glue the turquoise polka dot paper to hard cover of the mini-album.
-ink edges.
-add strips of patterned paper to top and bottom of circle to highlight the words KEEP THIS.
-add Cream Rubon Prompt Words.
-layer 2010 in Red Over the Cream Prompts.
-ink butterfly then staple it just above and to the right of the word THIS.
-add Pearl Flower to create a head for the butterfly.

(keep this page simple so that the journaling is the focus)
-place ribbon across the middle of the page, add ticket, cutout heart and button.
-use the red rubon that says I WILL directly onto the ribbon.
-write out a letter to yourself or the people that will be reading your album onto the lined paper.

-ink edges of filler pages.
- place ribbon across the filler pages, alternating the placement on each separate page.
- add die-cut journaling card, again alternating the position...this time allowing part of the die-cut to stick out off the page.
-add vintage buttons and stickers in appropriate places (body of the butterfly, doorknob & roof of the house) on the die-cut images.
-use red kindergarten rubons to highlight one word on each page that you want to focus on.
-journal about your goals and resolutions on the lined portion of each die-cut.

have fun with it and make it your own! and thanks for playing along with me...
xo, Cheryl

What an awesome way to start the new year! Thanks for the inspiration Cheryl!

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  1. what an awesome little book!! way to go, c! :) lovin' those rub-ons on the cover. :)