Monday, January 11, 2010

Bottomless (January) Kit!

Are you ready for even more January inspiration?

First off we have a charming and creative project from Michelle McCord. Be sure to check out the last photo in her series because it is brilliant!

I wanted to create something with one of the many empty ribbon spools I have sitting around, so I decided to create something that would divert my attention away from the frigid snowy Iowa weather and use the JBS kit to do just that. I created some flowers and a hand cut butterfly to adorn the top of the spool. This project is actually pretty kid proof since I hot glued everything onto the top for more durability. I measured the inside part of the spool to be approximately two inches wide, cut two strips of 2x12 patterned paper, and filled those strips with some snapshots of the last two months. I used my sewing machine to add some texture and more durability to the paper, adhered it to the spool, and now my kiddies can 'unroll' the snapshots and see the pictures.

Itied off the spool with some scrap fabric to keep the pictures secure. Whenever we would like to enjoy the photos, we just untie the fabric and look at the pics.

I used some of the exclusive JBS patterned paper that comes with the kit to mimic grass here. I just folded a 1/12 inch by 12 inch piece of patterned paper, sewed along the open end of the folded paper, and then used my smaller scissors to cut the paper to look somewhat like grass.

I left the bottom of the spool 'un altered' for these photos so you could get the idea of how this project was all put together. Using my machine to sew aroun dthe edges makes the paper almost impossible to rip as well so it is very 'kid friendly' for viewing.
And that was supposed to be it for today, but the girls have been working overtime (and I love them for it)!
From Becky Novacek we have just the sweetest wedding layout ever. She says, "This is the 4th layout I've made using the January kit and i still have a pile of supplies left! I love it!"
And from Cheryl Ametewee, "I created this one using the January JBS add-on kit mixed in with the main one. The old fabric was some I already owned and the journaling talks about how i wish it were still tradition for all girls to learn to sew...I SO wish I knew how!"

I think one day Cheryl will be a sewing rockstar, don't you?
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