Friday, January 15, 2010

Kit Tips from Mandi (PLUS . . . )!

Today Mandi brings us another fabulous page from the January kit along with some great tips for stretching your kits and getting more (and more and more) pages out of them . . .

The kit from January is definitely my all time favorite. I love all of the beautiful colors and the vintage feminine feel. I've been creating nonstop with this kit! Here are a few of tricks I've utilized in this page to stretch the kit to its max...

1. I like to cut labels in half and use the same label in two different places on the same layout.

2. The letter stickers included in the add on kit are so cute, but they're really big, and there's not a lot of each letter. So, I thought of a good two letter title to save my stickers and also keep my title manageable.

3. The lace paper in the kit is so beautiful. This is one sheet of paper that I intend to make last! So I've been cutting little bits of it and using them in places as design accents.

4. I used the vintage flash card in one page already, but I was sure to trim it down so that I could include a part of it in this layout as well.

Thanks for the inspiration Mandi!

Button Button Who's got the Button? Jenni Bowlin! Lots of them too! And available in six delightful colors . . . green, orange, cream, white, red, and pink!

Also, be sure to check Jenni's blog for another new release peek!

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  1. Great layout!! Funny, I've been taking those kinds of pictures for a few years now, I love them!!

  2. Love the LO! And love the buttons!

  3. so delightful! OH THE BUTTONS!!!

  4. I'm doing the happy dance in my seat over the Easter Bingos and the buttons, and the banner stickers, and the... Keep em coming!