Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini-album with Cheryl Ametewee

We seem to have mini-album mania this month at JBS; isn't it fun? Cheryl made this one as a sweet gift for her father from his grandchildren.

She says, "this was my dad's christmas gift this year...a little 4x4 album that had 2 pages dedicated to each grandchild and what they love most about him. it was super fast and simple once i got a rhythm going...only took me about 2 hours start to finish. i mixed the jan kit with a jb mini album, bingo card and a rubon for the front. each title of the bingo card goes with what each kid said about him (for example: my nephew said he likes everything about i made his card hero. my neice shanie said she liked that he helped her learn new i used the learn card for her)."

Thanks for the inspiration Cheryl!
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  1. This is so heartwarming and creative!

  2. Is that your handwritting Cheryl?
    It's so pretty!! Looks like they're printed!!